Frisquet, non ?


Fait pas chaud, non ?
Je vais passer les prochaines semaines avec ces deux zigotos aux dents longues (décidement !), collée au radiateur de l'atelier, en espérant que mon pot à eau ne gèle pas.
Tiens, il me faudrait un petit dragon pour me réchauffer les pieds... je vais rajouter ça à ma liste encyclopédique de Noël.

Cold weather makes us stay safely indoor, so I will not be able to escape the company of these two fellows while I will stay in the studio these next few weeks. Not that I don't want to spend some time with a vampire and a dragon ! In fact, since my addiction to True Blood, vampires seem quiiiite, er, nice*. And, frankly, I could use a dragon to warm my toes, right now. See ? No problem with these two.

* when I say "nice", of course I mean "super-super- sexy". Aaah, Eric Northman... er, sorry.